Orientation Day Reflection – Brunswick Secondary College

As I was all set for the day I was very nervous that my friends wouldn’t be in the same class. I was also nervous about what we would do. As I came to the school there where so many kids lined up ready to go. Although I knew that I would do well I still was really nervous about starting high school. As I came I was greeted by my two friends Raymond and Theo. I got my name checked and was all set. We first went to the Auditorium where we were welcomed to the school and got into our lines. Sadly I wasn’t with Raymond but I was with Theo. After we where welcomed we got to see a rehearsal of a junior production called the Dr. Seusical about Dr. Seus. I found the play very interesting and creative although the actors didn’t speak that loud. We then had recess where we played outside and where I got to met my brother playing Basketball. Although I was sort of nervous I was then much more comfortable playing soccer with the even year twelve’s. After we had recess we had a TEST!

I was very anxious about doing the test but was still confident. As I was doing the test I felt like I was flying through. I thought that the questions where quit easy. The test was a General test about Maths, English and Grammar. I thought afterwards about what we would do. We then met our Art teacher where we made key rings and patterns.

We then had lunch where we again played soccer with old friends like Eric, Matthias and some friends that I have met during sport.

When we where outside we also went into groups with older students playing name bingo, the name game and Bang! which where all quit fun. I won in Bang! where someone says a name and that person ducks where the two people on either side shoot each other.

At the end of the day we where all smiling and having fun  when while the teacher was talking about what would happen my phone rang, it was humiliating. Orientation day was great I met new people and made new friends.

100WC week 15, 2014

As I went to bed I heard a shivering of the cold out side my window. I couldn’t believe what I saw but it was paranormal. I was so nervous as I walked outside to where there was a light in the distance, a red bright light. I walked towards the light as it sort of went somewhere else mysteriously. This was strange very strange. There was a celebration in another house saying “finally this extraterrestrial has come down to save us from extinction. The next morning I was out to take the trash where there was a beam of light.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 8 Question 22, 2014

Prediction: I predict that this problem will be about chance and data.

Read: Which deal costs less per millilitre?

A) 75 cents for 500 ml

B) $2 for 2 L


The big Question: Which costs less per millilitre.

Mathematicians Toolbox: The strategies which I am going to use are (look for a pattern) and (Break the problem into manageable parts).

Solving: First I saw that B must be more per millilitre because 75 goings in to $2 2 times which means that 1 litre is for two of the A so the less per millilitre is A.

Conclusion: I thought that my working out of the problem was good but my prediction was off track and my strategies could have been better.

BTN news: The Berlin Wall, 2014

It’s the 25 remark of the Berlin wall. The Berlin wall was a man made barrier that divided a city into two, a country and the world. For twenty-eight years the barrier ran through Berlin the city. The wall separated friends and family. It all started in 1945 when Germany surrendered to the English and was divided from the east to the west of the country Germany. The west was taken over by France, UK, and the USA but the east was declared the soviet union. This caused a lot of tension with the USA and was then know as the cold war. Many people ran to the west instead of the east to where it was more pleasant and this was when the wall was built in 1961 to stop the east from leaving. More than 130 people died trying to escape. In 1989 the wall was torn down and this was said to be the beginning of the end. There was over 100,000 people celebrating in Berlin for the 25 anniversary to this day.



100WC week 14, 2014

It was a stormy night in the Arctic where the great ship from London to New York is going. As the winds pushed and the violins played the ship powered through ice like there was no tomorrow. As the ship paced through a great big block of ice the ship stopped as the ship crashed into a even bigger block of ice. There was mayhem as everyone was jumping in the water to there death because the water was so cold. The rich had life boat and the poor was neglected. There was no hope for the poor and the workers on the titanic.

Camp Reflection, 2014

I couldn’t believe it when we went to old parliament house and new parliament house. On Wednesday we went to old parliament house for elector education. We watched a short video about what it is to vote and the lead up to voting from the aboriginal times to the 21st century. They talked about when parliament house was built and when it stopped. After we watched the video we went to an interactive screening about voting and we actually took a short vote about what we like better apple, orange, banana and peach. We tallied up the scores and apple won but I couldn’t believe what a long process it was to get to the last stage. After voting we learnt about the house of representatives and we got to sit in the old house of representatives with white gloves so we wouldn’t ruin the furniture.

On the Thursday we went to the new parliament house! We because of safety reasons couldn’t bring anything in. As we went inside the building we saw Joanne Ryan our old principle which became a representative for the Laura party. After we met Joanne we went inside to where we had a role play scene about the court. We all had different roles as the Sergeant – At – Arms or the speaker and even the minister. I was the speaker. We then got a bill to debate about which was if the school’s should be until 5:00 pm. It was really fun saying who should speak and leaving the chair. The two groups switched from seeing the senate and the house of representatives to the role play. We first walked to the senate where there was interesting debates and rules about how much time you have to speak. The senate was red due to England and the house of representatives was green due to the gum leaves the we have. We did get to see the Sergeant – At – Arms and the mas which is originally covered in gold with a wooden core hand made given to us by the English. As we went to have our lunch we met Bill Shorten the person in control of Maribynong and a part of Labour. The day was amazing.

parliament house

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 6 Question 22, 2014

Prediction : I predict that this problem will be about chance and data.

Read: Which deal costs less per metre

A) $1.50 for 15 metre

B) $5 for 45 metre


The Big Question: Which deal costs less per metre

Mathematicians Toolbox: The strategies which I am going to use work backwards and break the problem into manageable parts.

Solving: First I started off which A and saw that A had less per metre by every metre A costs 10 cents and so A is which costs less per metre.

Conclusion: In Conclusion my prediction was good but could have been stretched and my strategies could have been more suited to the problem.


Greenhouse Calculator – Report

Transport            6.500

Air travel              0.212

Heating and cooling        5.962

Hot water            1.359

Clothes dryer     0.000

Lighting                0.947

Refrigeration     3.045

Cooking                0.976

Other Appliances             1.893

Food & Shopping             6.440

Waste   -0.065


Greenhouse calculator

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 5 Question 22, 2014

Prediction: I predict that this problem will be about chance and breaking the problem into manageable parts.

Read: Which deal costs less per gram

A) $5 for 500g                                                                                                                                    B) $3 for 250g


The Big Question: Which deal costs less?

Mathematicians Toolbox: I will be using from the Mathematicians Toolbox (break the problem into manageable parts) and (work backwards)

Solving: First you see that the 5 for 500 grams has to be 1 dollar for each 100 grams and the other is less so the deal that costs less per gram is $5 for 500 grams.

Conclusion: My prediction was good but could have been better and my strategies didn’t suit the problem, the answer is $5 for 500 grams.

100WC week 11, 2014

I remembered it like it was yesterday. As we climbed over the gate I checked for my lucky clover before heading off beyond the plains to where the enemies lie silent and smart.I ran off with my trusty hand rifle where it was chaos. People were flying and as I stuck behind a tree to where I was to coward like to defend my soldiers than to defend me. I came across a similar person doing the same thing, they were from the opposing side were he gunned me down, I surrendered with dignity as they held me captive. I tried to escape several times as I looked beyond the plains, and pondered.